nets360 Extended Secure IoT Connectivity

Secure connectivity for existing IoT environments

With nets360 Extended Secure IoT Connectivity, we offer a solution to integrate existing IoT environments into our secure Extended Secure Network.



Benefit from secure communication for your IoT environment. With Extended Secure IoT Connectivity, nets360 provides a comprehensive cloud-based security solution.

400% more attacks in 2023

The “Zscaler ThreatLabz 2023 Enterprise IoT and OT Threat Report” demonstrates the need for security to protect critical infrastructure. The report provides a detailed insight into malware activity over a six-month period and analyzes around 300,000 blocked attack attempts on IoT devices blocked by the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange platform. The high number of attacks on IoT devices has led to an increase of 400 percent compared to the previous year. The growing frequency of malware attacks on IoT environments poses a significant security concern for Operational Technology (OT), as the mobility of malware across different networks can compromise critical infrastructure.

ThreatLabz focused on the activities and characteristics of IoT devices through device fingerprinting and analyzed the threat landscape of IoT malware. With the growing dependence on connected devices, organizations and individuals, the risk from malware infections and traditional vulnerabilities is increasing. Implementing a secure architecture provides organizations with visibility into IoT device traffic to minimize the risk of IoT security threats.

Advanced Threat Protection for IoT and OT

nets360 provides combined application control and IPS signatures specifically designed for IoT/ OT based on FortiGuard Industrial Security Service. This provides the ability to detect and protect against threats at the network level while providing comprehensive insights into industrial applications. The FortiGate IPS engine can identify over 55 different OT-specific network protocols (e.g. Modbus TCP, BACnet, OPC) with more than 1,850 unique application control signatures within these protocols for specific security policy rules that can be applied to the various IoT/OT systems communicating on the network. By combining these capabilities with FortiGuard Labs’ IoT/OT-specific threat intelligence, IoT/OT operators can identify and monitor the types of traffic flowing on their networks and apply granular control over the use of protocol functions and values that restrict the flow of data in their environments.

List of currently supported ICS/OT protocols with Application Control and Virtual Patching

Overview of options

Option 1 VPN: Connection to the nets360 Extended Secure Network for VPN.
Option 2 APN: Connection to the nets360 Extended Secure Network for the nets360 Extended Secure IoT SIM.
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IoT connectivity suitable for

It's easy to get started.

The integration and conversion to a managed service solution from nets360 takes place in several steps during which you are actively guided.

1. strategy workshop and creation of a roadmap taking into account the most important corporate goals

2. implementation of a proof of concept or proof of value

3. solution development including design and architecture

4. rollout of hardware for gateways or routers, network transformation if necessary

5. optimization and further development of the new network structure

6. operation and lifecycle management

With our nets360 Quick-Start, we are also able to offer a standardized IoT solution at short notice, regardless of the current network expansion and maturity level.

Unlimited scalability

No matter if you want to network 5, 500 or 5000 IoT devices. nets360 offers you a platform that grows with you, nationally as well as internationally.

Another advantage: Our hardware is manufacturer-independent and can be connected via interfaces with various devices and systems from different manufacturers.

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