Connectivity for EV charging stations

Reliable IoT connectivity for charging stations and charging parks.


The future of mobility is electric. For this reason, more and more public and private charging stations are being built. In order to be able to offer and handle the charging process, a secure and reliable connection to central systems or a cloud for data exchange is indispensable. At the same time, other topics are emerging around the charging points, such as WLAN for customers or digital signage offerings, for example. For the safety of customers and providers, it is sometimes also necessary to monitor the areas provided with video.

Another important point is the protection against manipulation as well as the compliance with data security, especially with regard to user data.


With the different yellowBOX IoT-X10 variants, nets360 offers an ideal IoT connection for public and private e-charging stations. We focus on the highest possible flexibility and security for your charging infrastructure. nets360 offers everything you need to connect your charging infrastructure and charging stations from a single source.



Use Case topology
nets360 :: Connectivity for EV charging stations with IoT-X10 Gateway
Product in use case

nets360 yellowBOX IoT-X10

Connectivity for EV charging stations was never easier.

nets360 ::IoT-X10 Gateway with 4G or 5G
Optional Features

Optional Features and services

Advanced security

Advanced IoT security through centralized nets360 services. Analysis of data traffic by intelligent IDS and IPS systems. (Intrusion Prevention System, Intrusion Detection System)

Network Access Control

Enhanced security of connected hardware through centralized nets360 NAC services. Protection against manipulation of the IoT network.

Redundant hardware

Highest reliability through redundant router hardware in active/active mode. Also available with dual SIM hardware.

Multi provider connectivity

Up to two SIM cards per router. Example: Card 1: Automatically connect to the best available provider. Card 2: Connection with specified backup provider.

USV Hardware

Standalone UPS hardware in the same design as the router for uninterrupted operation. Ideal in case of failure or reboot of the charging station.


Antennas available for use in various conditions, for stationary or mobile use.


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