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Managed SASE Solution

With SASE, you receive a unified platform that aligns all areas of your network with the necessary network and security functions of your company.

What Is SASE (Secure Access Service Edge)?

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is a new framework for enterprise networks. SASE combines individual solutions for SD-WAN and network security (FWaaS, CASB, SWG, and ZTNA) into a unified, cloud-based service.


Benefits of SASE

Improved Security: By consolidating security services such as SD-WAN, FWaaS, CASB, SWG, and ZTNA into a single platform, SASE enhances threat detection and defense.

Cost Efficiency: Reduces the need for multiple, separate security devices and services, leading to lower hardware and maintenance costs. Additionally, the elimination of expensive MPLS connections further reduces costs.

Scalability: Since SASE is cloud-based, it can be easily scaled to meet the needs of a growing business without the need for additional physical infrastructure.

Flexibility and Agility: Allows companies to quickly update and apply security policies, which is especially important in responding to changing threat landscapes and business requirements. It also simplifies the connection of new sites and the rapid integration of new users.

Better Performance: Optimizes network performance by reducing latency and improving connection speeds through dynamic traffic routing.

Simplified Management: Provides a central point of contact for network and security management, reducing complexity for IT teams.

What are the key components of SASE?

SD-WAN is a technology that replaces traditional WAN connections like MPLS with a virtually managed and optimized network connection. It allows businesses to efficiently manage and direct network traffic, leading to improved connection quality and reduced costs. In the context of SASE, SD-WAN enables flexible and secure connections between users and applications, regardless of their location.

FWaaS is a cloud-based firewall solution that is superior to traditional, hardware-based firewalls. It provides comprehensive network protection by monitoring and controlling incoming and outgoing network traffic based on set security rules. FWaaS is an integral part of SASE, enabling central security controls in the cloud, thereby enhancing security for all network connections.

ZTNA is a security concept based on the principle “Never Trust, Always Verify.” Unlike traditional networks that consider devices within the network as trustworthy, ZTNA requires continuous validation of every device and identity before access is granted. In the SASE context, ZTNA ensures secure and context-sensitive access control to corporate applications, reducing the attack surface.

CASB is a security tool that acts as an intermediary between corporate networks and cloud applications. It allows businesses to monitor and control the use of cloud services to enforce security policies and prevent data leaks. Within SASE, CASB facilitates the secure use of cloud-based applications by providing data protection and security features like encryption, access control, and threat detection.

SWG is a security solution that filters and scrutinizes all web traffic to protect users from online threats and ensure compliance with corporate policies. SWG blocks access to malicious websites, prevents data loss, and controls the use of web applications. In a SASE architecture, SWG helps to secure internet usage by blocking threats in real-time and facilitating safe internet access.

SASE solves the problems arising from managing multiple different products. Through the nets360 SASE Core platform, users can centrally monitor and manage all network and security solutions.

Direct to Cloud

With our direct cloud connection via nets360 Core-Network, we offer direct cloud access to over 50 cloud providers and SAAS solutions. This increases security and ensures even faster data transmission without using the public internet, available from Q3.2024

Selection of cloud providers

  • Alibaba Cloud
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Google Cloud
  • IBM Cloud
  • Link 11
  • Microsoft Azure (Office 365)
  • Oracle Cloud
  • SAP

  • It's easy to get started.

    The integration and conversion to a managed service solution from nets360 takes place in several steps during which you are actively guided.

    1. strategy workshop and creation of a roadmap taking into account the most important corporate goals

    2. implementation of a proof of concept or proof of value

    3. solution development including design and architecture

    4. rollout of hardware for gateways or routers, network transformation if necessary

    5. optimization and further development of the new network structure

    6. operation and lifecycle management

    With our nets360 Quick-Start, we are also able to offer a standardized SD-WAN solutions at short notice, regardless of the current network expansion and maturity level.

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