nets360 Extended Secure IoT Gateway

one-stop shop IoT Connectivity

nets360 offers an all-in-one IoT Connectivity. As a standard solution or completely customized based on your requirements.

Stop wasting time dealing different agreements, complex hardware support and security issues. With nets360, connecting your devices all over europe has never been easier


Example: Managed IoT Connectivity incl. Endpoint Security and full Core Network Security with Starlink
Example: Managed IoT Connectivity incl. full Core Network Security
Example: Managed IoT Connectivity incl. and basic Core Network Security
Example: Managed IoT Connectivity incl. and basic Core Network Security with Starlink
Example: Extended Secure Network IoT SIM and Gateway in mixed environments with full Core Network Security
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IoT Connectivity as a Service (IaaS) 

One-stop shop IoT Solution
  • Hardware
  • Connectivity
  • Security
  • 24h Operation
  • Lifecycle Management
  • One contact, one contract, all over Europe

The nets360 Extended Secure IoT Gateway is a comprehensive solution that helps you manage the challenges and complexities associated with building and managing an Internet of Things (IoT) network. As a one-stop-shop solution, our service includes everything you need and is seamlessly scalable, enabling your organization to quickly respond to new requirements without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure. Another important advantage is the enhanced security provided by the professional nets360 services and the technologies used. Given the rapidly increasing threats in the IoT space, the security of data and networks is critical. nets360 utilizes Fortinet, the market leader in IoT security, in addition to its zero trust architecture. Our partnership with Fortinet enables us to offer endpoint security, along with application control and virtual patching, among other features.

nets360 Extended Secure IoT Gateways & Routers based on Teltonika Networks 


nets360 Extended Secure IoT Rugged IoT / OT firewalls based on Fortinet hardware


High availability for critical infrastructure
nets360 offers redundant hardware and integrated UPS solutions for the best possible availability.


From standard solutions to completely customized solutions, nets360 offers you the right platform for your IoT environment. In addition, we offer support in designing and building a secure, complete IoT network.


Reliable high speed connectivity with multi-network coverage via 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, NB-IoT, and LTE-M. Local break-outs backed by 600+ commercial operator relationships worldwide.


High security through closed nets360 network and optionally available nets360 cloud firewall solution with IPS, IDS, NAC, etc.


In-house, multilingual Network Opperation Center with up to Fully managed SLA 24/7/365. Predictive monitoring of all systems and regular system maintenance.

Modular security portfolio

Through our modular security portfolio built upon Fortinet, the market leader in IoT and OT security, we are equipped to provide you with a customized security solution tailored to your specific needs.

IoT Security

Internet of Things security is the practice of safeguarding connected devices and networks in the IoT ecosystem from malicious attacks and unauthorized access. It involves implementing measures to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data collected and transmitted by IoT devices. With the vast number of connected devices, IoT security is critical for preventing data breaches, ensuring privacy, and maintaining the functionality of IoT systems.

OT Security

OT security focuses on safeguarding industrial and critical infrastructure systems that manage, monitor, and control physical processes. It aims to protect these systems from cyber threats that could disrupt their operation, cause physical damage, or compromise safety. By implementing robust OT security measures, organizations can ensure the reliability, availability, and safety of their essential operational environments.

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

IPS safeguards your device by actively monitoring and blocking potential threats in real-time, preventing unauthorized access and attacks. It enhances security by detecting and stopping malicious activities before they can cause harm, ensuring continuous uptime and protecting sensitive data.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

DLP systems ofers safeguarding sensitive information by monitoring, detecting, and blocking data breaches or unauthorized transmission of data. DLP ensure that your IoT devices and networks remain secure against data theft or leakage, protecting both user privacy and intellectual property.


Content filtering for IoT and OT environments involves the use of technologies to monitor, restrict, and control the type of content that can be accessed or transmitted through IoT and OT devices and networks. This is crucial for preventing the exposure to malicious websites, phishing attacks, and unwanted content that could compromise the security and integrity of critical infrastructure and connected devices. Implementing content filters helps in maintaining the operational efficiency, security, and compliance of IoT and OT systems by ensuring only approved content is accessible.

Advanced Threat Protection

ATP is a comprehensive security solution designed to detect, prevent, and respond to complex and evolving cyber threats across diverse environments. It employs a variety of defense mechanisms, including but not limited to, threat intelligence, malware protection, and incident response strategies to safeguard systems. Additionally, our ATP capability extends to protecting 55 different IoT/OT protocols with over 1,850 application signatures through virtual patching, ensuring robust defense against vulnerabilities without requiring immediate physical updates. (read more)

Network Access Control (NAC)

To provide protection in the age of IoT, network operators need solutions that can:

1. See and profile every device on the network to understand what IoT devices are being deployed
2. Control access to the network, both connecting to the network and determining where devices can access
3. Monitor the devices on the network to ensure that they are not compromised and to take automatic and immediate action if they are

nets360 provides these capabilities through our core network. Fully integrated into the security fabric, nets360 delivers the visibility, control, and automated response needed to provide security in a world of IoT devices.

Security for IoT / OT end devices


Endpoint Security

Security for IoT / OT end devices

Virtual Patching

What is Virtual Patching?
Patching is an update provided by a developer for an application, operating system, or firmware code designed to fix a discovered vulnerability and prevent it from being exploited. For a patch to work, it must be deployed on individual assets. Virtual patching is similar to a patch released by a vendor because it provides protection against a specific exploit. But in this case, this type of patch is deployed at the network level using an IPS rule rather than on the device itself. It is sometimes also referred to as a proximity control because it stops a threat before it reaches its intended target.

How Does Virtual Patching Work?
An IPS system is designed to inspect traffic and look for and block malicious activities. And with the right signature, it can also be used to identify and stop attempts to exploit specific vulnerabilities. Because any exploit has to take a defined network path for execution, being able to identify a specific threat makes it is possible to interrupt or block the exploit by modifying the network rules. These specific IPS signatures, or virtual patches, can be deployed at the network level using the intrusion prevention (IPS) functionality built into an NGFW or a traditional standalone IPS appliance.

Here are some cases where virtual patching is critical:

- Virtual patches offer enterprises a critical level of coverage until a vendor releases a software patch to cover a new vulnerability.

- Many large enterprises using traditional patch management strategies do not deploy the patches immediately. For example, many IT teams need to validate whether or not a patch will introduce new problems in environments where lots of applications and workflows need to interact. This validation testing introduces additional delays once a vendor releases software patch. Virtual patching provides critical coverage during the initial “warm” phase of an active malware campaign to protect known vulnerabilities from exploitation while the enterprise is testing the patch from the vendor.

- Virtual patching is even more critical for mission-critical assets which require significant planning and downtime for a traditional patch to be put in place. These can include systems that are deployed remotely, such as a pipeline monitoring system; devices running sensitive systems that play a critical role in, say, a manufacturing environment (for example, monitoring a valve or thermostat on a vat containing thousands of gallons of caustic materials); or even critical infrastructure such as electrical grids or hydroelectric dams that cannot be taken down.

nets360 Offers Virtual Patching Through it's core network IPS
nets360 deploy and deliver a virtual patch at the network level. This can be done using the integrated IPS capability within the core network

Protocol-based security for IoT and OT

nets360 provides combined application control and IPS signatures specifically designed for IoT/ OT based on FortiGuard Industrial Security Service. This provides the ability to detect and protect against threats at the network level while providing comprehensive insights into industrial applications. The FortiGate IPS engine can identify over 55 different OT-specific network protocols (e.g. Modbus TCP, BACnet, OPC) with more than 1,850 unique application control signatures within these protocols for specific security policy rules that can be applied to the various IoT/OT systems communicating on the network. By combining these capabilities with FortiGuard Labs’ IoT/OT-specific threat intelligence, IoT/OT operators can identify and monitor the types of traffic flowing on their networks and apply granular control over the use of protocol functions and values that restrict the flow of data in their environments.

List of currently supported ICS/OT protocols with Application Control and Virtual Patching

Direct cloud connection from our nets360 core network

With our direct cloud connection via nets360 Core-Network, we offer direct cloud access to over 50 cloud providers and SAAS solutions. This increases security and ensures even faster data transmission without using the public internet.

Selection of cloud providers
  • Alibaba Cloud
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Google Cloud
  • IBM Cloud
  • Link 11
  • Microsoft Azure (Office 365)
  • Oracle Cloud
  • SAP

To find out if we can also connect your cloud provider directly, please contact us.

IoT connectivity suitable for

It's easy to get started.

The integration and conversion to a managed service solution from nets360 takes place in several steps during which you are actively guided.

1. strategy workshop and creation of a roadmap taking into account the most important corporate goals

2. implementation of a proof of concept or proof of value

3. solution development including design and architecture

4. rollout of hardware for gateways or routers, network transformation if necessary

5. optimization and further development of the new network structure

6. operation and lifecycle management

With our nets360 Quick-Start, we are also able to offer a standardized IoT solution at short notice, regardless of the current network expansion and maturity level.

More nets360 IoT solutions

Extended Secure IoT SIM

More than a conventional IoT M2M SIM card

Managed Starlink hybrid

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Existing Infrastructure Management

Maintenance for your existing infrastructure

Unlimited scalability

No matter if you want to network 5, 500 or 5000 IoT devices. nets360 offers you a platform that grows with you, nationally as well as internationally.

Another advantage: Our hardware is manufacturer-independent and can be connected via interfaces with various devices and systems from different manufacturers.

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