nets360 Mobile Internet Access

Powerful Internet on the move

nets360 Mobile Internet Access is based on 4G / 5G technology and is optimized for use in public transport.

Mobile Internet Access

Internet for trains, buses and ships


5G & LTE Network

With our yellowBOX access router series, we offer redundant and reliable connectivity over 4G LTE up to 600 Mbps and over 5G up to 3.3 Gbps per device, depending on the country and available radio coverage.

For larger environments and high passenger numbers, we offer load balancing across multiple routers and providers. We also offer the option of a private APN for each customer.

Up to Wi-Fi 6E

Depending on customer requirements and vehicle size, we offer scaling across hundreds of access points up to Wi-Fi 6E (802.11ax) and data throughput up to 7.8 Gbps per AP.

IoT ready
Also available: Integrated Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Zigbee support make it easier to deploy and manage IoT, including asset tracking, security solutions, and sensors.

Hotspot & Multimedia Services

Based on our nets360 Cloud, we offer various hotsport solutions. From free guest access to premium and paid solutions.

We also offer the possibility to integrate onboard multimedia servers, e.g. for streaming movies and music.

Internal Networks, VLANs & VPN

Separate networks (VLANs) via LAN and WLAN offer you the possibility to realize different networks for internal services, video surveillance or even digital signage. We can also implement VPN and closed cloud solutions.

Tipp: Combine our mobile internet access solution with IoT managed services to connect systems at stops and ports.


To enforce your content policies and optimize data transfer, we offer comprehensive content and DNS filters.

EN 45545-2-certified

Our hardware is certified according to EN 45545-2 for use in trains throughout Europe.

Scalable hardware

We offer a large portfolio of hardware. From a basic 12V/24V one-box solution up to complex networks with distributed switches and WLAN access points.

Best network coverage

Data transmission according to the best network coverage principle. To ensure this, we have contracts with all major providers in Europe.

fully managed access Solution

Reduce complexity at every stage of your project with our an all-in-one mobile Internet solution. Stop wasting time dealing different agreements, komplex hardware, product support and security issues. With nets360 mobile Internet solutions, connecting your trains, buses and ships all over europe has never been easier. Say goodbye to multiple suppliers, contracts and negotiations.

fully managed Solution
From standard solutions to completely customized solutions, nets360 offers you the right platform for your trains, buses or ships. In addition, we offer support in designing and building a secure, complete network.
Advanced nets360 operating software and various hardware based on proven Teltonika Networks products. 24 hours replacement, redundant hardware and UPS functionality optional.
Reliable high speed connectivity with multi-network coverage via 4G and 5G. Local break-outs backed by 600+ commercial operator relationships worldwide.
High security through closed nets360 network and optionally available nets360 cloud firewall solution with IPS, IDS, NAC, etc.
In-house, multilingual Network Opperation Center with up to Fully managed SLA 24/7/365. Predictive monitoring of all systems and regular system maintenance.

Dedicated to mobile access

Our nets360 mobile Internet access solutions are specially designed for use in vehicles. These include:

  • City buses
  • Light rail vehicles / streetcars
  • National and international coaches
  • National and international passenger trains
  • Ships
  • Ferries

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