nets360 Existing IoT Infrastructure Management

Operation and security for existing IoT environments

Our managed service solution for existing IoT environments. 

nets360 offers an all-in-one IoT support including operation, hardware, provider management, security concepts, 24 service. Of course national and international.

Management for Existing IoT Infrastructure

Do you have an existing IoT infrastructure and are looking for a reliable service partner? The operation and security of IoT networks can be complex and costly. nets360 takes care of the work for you and supports you fully in the operation, construction and further development of your IoT infrastructure.

Takeover of your existing hardware in support and lifecycle management

We take over the maintenance and further development of your existing hardware:

  • Management via Teletonika RMS platform
  • Update and patch management
  • Lifecycle management and renewal in the case of EOL/EOS

Takeover and optimization of your existing contracts for IoT connectivity

We take over or optimize your existing provider contracts or implement connectivity from nets360 on request.

  • Standardization of providers
  • Updating the conditions
  • International contract management

Optimization of your IoT security in the area of WAN, LAN and hardware configuration

nets360 optimizes security in terms of configuration and network topology.

  • Local firewall configuration
  • Routing, DNS, DHCP, VLAN
  • Endpoint connection check
  • Monitoring of data traffic
  • Cloud services for monitoring
  • Cloud services for IPS, IDS and NAC


Further development of your IoT infrastructure and forward planning

Multilingual 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support for various manufacturers of IoT hardware

We have questions

  • When was the last time the software of your Teltonika Networks devices was updated?
  • When was the last time the configuration was checked for security?
  • Is the status of the devices actively monitored and what happens if a device fails?
  • Do you know how many devices you have in use?
  • Do you know where your devices are in use?
  • Do you know who has access to your devices?
  • Is the data traffic actively checked for malware
  • What happens if strangers connect to your device?

nets360 helps you to answer these and many other questions reliably.

IoT management
for Teltonika Networks gateways, routers and products from other manufactures

Teltonika Networks Tier-1 Partner

Teltonika Networks support

net360 is an international tier one partner of Teltonika Networks. Our managed service solutions are based on hardware and software from Telltonika Networks adapted for nets360. Together with Teltonika Networks we drive the development of new products and software features as well as security related topics. This close cooperation makes nets360 the first choice for existing Teltonika Networks customers.

Use our knowledge for your existing Teltonika Networks infrastructure.
nets360 offers you

  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support for all Teltonika Networks devices
  • Transfer of existing devices into our managed service environment
  • Use of the Teltonika IOS software specially developed for nets360
  • Fast hardware replacement and Europe-wide support
  • Lifecycle management and software maintenance
  • and more

Teltonika Networks Gateway TRB140
Teltonika Networks Gateway TRB141
Teltonika Networks Gateway TRB142
Teltonika Networks Gateway TRB143
Teltonika Networks Gateway TRB145
Teltonika Networks Gateway TRB245
Teltonika Networks Gateway TRB246
Teltonika Networks Gateway TRB255
Teltonika Networks Gateway TRB256
Teltonika Networks Gateway TRB500

Teltonika Networks Router OTD140
Teltonika Networks Router RUT200
Teltonika Networks Router RUT241
Teltonika Networks Router RUT260
Teltonika Networks Router RUT300
Teltonika Networks Router RUT301
Teltonika Networks Router RUT360
Teltonika Networks Router RUT361
Teltonika Networks Router RUT901
Teltonika Networks Router RUT906
Teltonika Networks Router RUT951
Teltonika Networks Router RUT956
Teltonika Networks Router RUTX08
Teltonika Networks Router RUTX09
Teltonika Networks Router RUTX10
Teltonika Networks Router RUTX11
Teltonika Networks Router RUTX12
Teltonika Networks Router RUTX14
Teltonika Networks Router RUTX50
Teltonika Networks Router RUTXR1

nets360 IoT solutions

Extended Secure IoT SIM

More than a conventional IoT M2M SIM card

Extended Secure IoT Gateway

All-in-one infrastructure as a service solution

Managed Starlink hybrid

Discover our Starlink portfolio


Existing Infrastructure Management

Maintenance for your existing infrastructure

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