nets360 Carrier and Provider Management

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Our consulting service for provider management actively assists your company in identifying the most suitable providers and tariff structures tailored to your needs. This service covers all aspects, including telephony and internet connections, as well as mobile communications. Furthermore, we offer the option to replace existing, often expensive MPLS connections with a stable and efficient SD-WAN solution, in combination with our SD-WAN solutions.

Advantage of International Orientation

As a company that provides services for both national and international SMEs, we offer the possibility to draft international contracts and coordinate collaboration with providers across multiple countries. With nets360, you have one contact for all countries in Europe.

MPLS vs. SD-WAN Connection

Historically, many companies have relied on MPLS for site connectivity. This technology was once necessary for ensuring the best possible and secure connection between company locations. However, SD-WAN is increasingly becoming more prevalent. SD-WAN represents a software-defined connection made through suitable routers. Its advantages include being open to various providers, allowing customers at different locations to choose from multiple providers. Moreover, SD-WAN offers high redundancy by combining multiple providers and connections such as fiber optics, DSL, and mobile communications.


Contract and Cost Management

Our service also encompasses contract and cost management. This includes the creation and monitoring of invoices, apportionments according to various internal and external customer requirements, as well as regular reviews. Traffic and volume management are also part of our offer, as is early detection of issues and bottlenecks in telephony and internet bandwidth. For complex contracts and negotiations, we collaborate with internationally renowned law firms.

Our provider management consulting includes:

  • Internet via fiber optics
  • Internet via radio relay
  • Internet via mobile LTE and 5G
  • Internet via Starlink
  • IoT / M2M solutions, both nationally and internationally
  • MPLS connections, nationally and internationally
  • SIP providers and landline telephony
  • Mobile phone tariffs for telephony and internet
  • International provider contracts

We always work provider-neutral to help you find the best solution.

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