nets360 Internet & Backup Gateway over Starlink

Reliable Internet connection
for backup or SD-WAN

Reliable redundancy in case of failure of the primary Internet access or as a full-fledged secondary connection, for example for use in SD-WAN environments

Managed Starlink with 5G hybrid

With Managed Starlink Hybrid, nets360 offers a hybrid solution for the professional use of Starlink.

Starlink overview
  • 40–220+ Mbit/s Download
  • 8–25+ Mbit/s Upload
  • 20–60 ms Latency
  • Static IPv4 address
  • Prioritized data volume by individual agreement

nets360 Extended Connect Router 
  • Professional hardware without Starlink router
  • 4G / 5G Backup up to 3.3 Gbps (900/600 Mbps)
  • Without WIFI function for enhanced security
  • Rack version for 19 inch available
  • VPN: OpenVPN, IPSec, GRE, PPTP, L2TP, Stunnel, DMVPN, SSTP, ZeroTier, WireGuard, Tinc, etc.

Benefits of Starlink via nets360
  • Managed service solution
  • Multilingual nets360 support
  • No contracts with Starlink or SpaceX
  • Redundant hybrid solution with 4G/5G backup
  • Suitable for combination with our SD-WAN and IoT solutions
  • Enhanced data security through direct VPN transmission and security options within the net360 core network.

Managed Starlink suitable for

  • Remote Locations For areas without reliable terrestrial internet connections, such as rural or hard-to-access regions.

  • Office Buildings As the primary internet connection in urban and rural office environments, especially where traditional internet services are inadequate.

  • Backup Internet As a secondary, fail-safe internet connection for critical business operations to minimize downtime.

  • Field Research and Expeditions For research teams in remote areas, such as polar explorers, oceanographers, or geologists, who require dependable communication.

  • Maritime Applications On ships and within the maritime industry to ensure constant internet connectivity at sea.

  • Mobile Offices and Workspaces For vehicles like news vans, mobile medical units, or construction trailers that need a stable internet connection.

  • Emergency and Disaster Response Rapid deployment of communication networks in disaster areas to support coordination of relief efforts.

  • Agriculture In precision agriculture, to support technologies such as drone surveillance, remote machine control, and real-time data analysis.

  • Oil, Gas, and Mining Industry In remote extraction sites, to improve operational efficiency through better communication and remote monitoring.

  • Leisure and Tourism In remote hotels, resorts, and campgrounds to provide guests with broadband internet.

  • Education To equip schools in remote or underserved areas with reliable internet for digital learning.

Starlink, through its global coverage and high bandwidth, offers versatile deployment possibilities and can serve as a reliable internet source across many different sectors and situations.

STARLINK Flat High Performance

Optimized for mobile use, as a wedge shape or flat months directly on the vehicle roof.

Ideal as a hybrid solution in combination with 5G, especially in tunnels or obscured views of the sky.

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