nets360 integrates Starlink into its Managed Services

to provide reliable and hybrid networks

nets360 integrates Starlink into its Managed Services

to provide reliable and hybrid networks

Tallinn, Estonia – nets360 is proud to announce the inclusion of Starlink into its comprehensive service portfolio. This strategic expansion allows nets360 to offer its European corporate clients a broader range of connectivity solutions, especially by combining Starlink with 4G/5G and fiber optic networks in a hybrid configuration.
By integrating Starlink, nets360 strengthens its position as a leader in the provision of cutting-edge Managed Services. The company offers customized solutions designed specifically to meet the requirements of various use cases – from connecting IoT devices, such as in charging parks for electric vehicles, to SD-WAN solutions for site networking, and mobile applications for trains, buses, and ships. Notably, the ability to use Starlink as the primary internet connection for poorly served areas will further reduce the digital divide in Europe.
A key component of nets360’s offering is the provision of a comprehensive Managed Service, which includes the necessary hardware and connectivity, as well as security services, operational management, and lifecycle management. This holistic care allows customers to fully focus on their core business while nets360 ensures reliable and secure connectivity.
Enhanced security is highlighted through the use of nets360’s own routers and the routing of data traffic through the company’s “Extended Secure Core Network.” This network is based on the advanced technologies of the cybersecurity leader, Fortinet, thereby offering customers all the benefits of a Managed Service based on the highest security standards.
“By incorporating Starlink into our offering, we not only provide our customers with improved connectivity options but also enhance these with our comprehensive Managed Services offering,” explains the CEO of nets360. “Our solutions are specifically designed to overcome the challenges of connectivity and security that European companies face today.”
With this expansion of its service portfolio, nets360 underscores its commitment to providing innovative and secure connectivity solutions for corporate clients across Europe. Companies interested in nets360’s Managed Services can find more information on the company’s website or contact them directly for personalized consultation.
About nets360
nets360 is a provider of Managed Services based in Tallinn, Estonia. The company specializes in Managed Service connectivity for corporate clients across Europe. By leveraging advanced technologies and partnering with leading providers such as Fortinet and Teltonika Networks, nets360 aims to assist companies in digitizing their processes and enhancing their competitiveness.

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