nets360 Introduces “Extended Secure IoT SIM”

Redefining Security and Connectivity

nets360 Introduces Revolutionary "Extended Secure IoT SIM"

Redefining Security and Connectivity

Tallinn, Estonia – nets360, an innovative startup specializing in Managed Service Connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced the launch of its latest product development, the “Extended Secure IoT SIM”. This new Managed Service product marks a significant advancement in IoT connectivity and security, supported by the recent partnership with the industry leader in IoT and OT security, Fortinet.

The “Extended Secure IoT SIM” by nets360 is not just an IoT device SIM card; it’s a comprehensive security solution that securely transmits data to the nets360 Extended Secure Core network. This Core network, based on the advanced technology of Fortinet, offers one of the most extensive IoT security solutions on the market. Capable of reading over 55 proprietary IoT/OT protocols and understanding more than 1,850 application signatures, the Extended Secure IoT SIM sets new industry standards.

Key Features of the Extended Secure IoT SIM:

  • Highest IoT/OT Security:Supported by the partnership with Fortinet, the Extended Secure IoT SIM provides unparalleled security for IoT devices.
  • Seamless Connectivity: National roaming across all European countries ensures constant connection availability.
  • Wide Technology Support: From 2G to 5G technologies to meet the demands of modern IoT applications.
  • Flexible Data Plans: Tailored to the specific needs of your projects.
  • Cloud Platform: An easy-to-use platform for simple SIM card management.


Based on advanced eUICC technology, the nets360 Extended Secure IoT SIM allows tremendous flexibility by enabling the swapping of provider profiles Over-The-Air. This facilitates adjustments to changing network requirements, providing customers with unprecedented control over their connectivity options.

The cloud platform by nets360 for managing SIM cards highlights the company’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions that simplify the management of IoT devices. This platform will enable future updates of SIM card profiles without physical intervention, thereby significantly increasing flexibility for businesses.

The Extended Secure IoT SIM is especially suitable for customers who want to better protect existing routers and gateways or IoT devices with integrated SIM cards against the growing threats in the digital world.

With the launch of the “Extended Secure IoT SIM”, nets360 solidifies its position as a leading provider of secure and flexible connectivity solutions for the Internet of Things. Companies looking to protect and optimize their IoT infrastructure will find a reliable partner in nets360 for the future.

About nets360

nets360 is an Estonian startup company specializing in Managed Service Connectivity for the Internet of Things. By combining advanced technology and strong partnerships, nets360 strives to support businesses in their digital transformation and ensure their IoT devices remain reliably and securely connected.

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