nets360 and Teltonika Networks

Announce Strategic Cooperation to Strengthen IoT Connectivity Solutions

February 9, 2024

nets360 and Teltonika Networks

Announce Strategic Cooperation to Strengthen IoT Connectivity Solutions

nets360, an innovative startup based in Tallinn specializing in Managed Service Connectivity for IoT environments and business customers, today announces its strategic partnership with Teltonika Networks, a leading manufacturer of 4G/5G gateways and routers from Lithuania. This partnership marks a significant milestone in providing high-quality, integrated Managed Service solutions for the European market.

Bernhard Teufel, CEO of nets360, emphasized the importance of this cooperation: “The idea for founding nets360 was born during a factory tour of Teltonika. We are therefore even more delighted today that we can develop and offer our Managed Service solutions together with Teltonika Networks. What’s more, we will soon announce another cooperation in the field of cyber security, which will also elevate our collaboration with Teltonika Networks to a new level.”

“The partnership between Teltonika Networks and nets360 is based on a shared vision to offer advanced and secure connectivity solutions. This is another step in our efforts to give businesses access to the latest networking innovations,” said Giedrius Kukauskas, CEO of Teltonika Networks.  

nets360 will use Teltonika products as key components of its Managed Service solution, which includes hardware, cellular connectivity, security, operation, and lifecycle management. This integrated approach offers customers a one-stop-shop solution specifically tailored to the requirements of IoT and OT environments.

Additionally, nets360 announces that it will soon enter into a strategic partnership with a leading manufacturer of IT security. This partnership will extend the Managed Service solution of nets360 with comprehensive IoT and OT security features, offering customers an even higher level of security.

nets360 will operate across Europe and will also offer extensive services for companies that already use Teltonika Networks products. Teltonika Networks products can be leased exclusively within the scope of its Managed Service by nets360 and are not available for purchase.

This cooperation highlights the commitment of both companies to provide innovative and secure connectivity solutions for the growing needs of the IoT market. Customers of nets360 can look forward to an extended range of services and products aimed at making their connectivity more efficient, secure, and scalable without having to negotiate with many suppliers and contract parties.

About nets360:

nets360 is a startup from Tallinn specializing in providing Managed Service Connectivity solutions for IoT environments and business customers. With a comprehensive offering that includes hardware, cellular connectivity, security, operation, and lifecycle management, nets360 positions itself as a solution-oriented provider in Europe.

About Teltonika Networks:

Teltonika Networks, a division of Teltonika company group, is a world-leading manufacturer of 4G/5G gateways and routers. With a strong focus on research and development, Teltonika Networks offers innovative solutions that ensure a reliable and secure internet connection for various IoT applications.

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