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Connectivity for EV charging stations via 4G / 5G

Reliable IoT connectivity for charging stations


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Customer Profile

  • Operator of e-charging stations
  • One or more manufacturers of e-charging stations
  • Operating regionally, nationally or internationally
  • No or only a small IT department

  • Results

  • Everything from a single source
  • One contact, one contract, all over Europe
  • Compatible with various manufacturers
  • Quick and easy scalability

  • Goals & Challenges

  • Simple 4G/5G connection of e-charging stations
  • High requirements for security and availability
  • Operation, lifecycle mng. from a single source

  • Products

  • Extended Secure IoT Gateway
  • Extended Secure IoT SIM

  • Topology


    The rapid development of electric mobility presents new demands on infrastructure, especially regarding the availability and functionality of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. In this dynamic environment, Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity plays a key role by enabling smart and efficient management of the charging infrastructure. IoT technology connects charging stations to central management systems, facilitates real-time data transmission, and ensures optimized usage and maintenance of charging points. The goal is to create a seamless charging experience for the end user while allowing operators of charging infrastructures to efficiently monitor, manage, and scale their facilities. In this use case, we explore how IoT connectivity can address the challenges faced by EV charging stations and provide a future-proof solution for operators and users alike.


    The challenges of connecting charging stations via OCPP to central management systems or backends are varied and complex. They range from selecting suitable gateway hardware and mobile service providers to ensuring security and software updates, as well as to lifecycle management of the devices used. The complexity increases when different manufacturers of charging stations and additional systems are involved, leading to increased coordination and administration efforts. Furthermore, there is a need to prevent tampering and data loss, as well as to maintain specialized personnel for the operation of the IoT infrastructure.


    Complete solution from nets360: We offer a comprehensive solution for the OCPP connection of your charging stations that addresses all these challenges. With our expertise and extensive service offerings, we significantly reduce the effort and complexity involved in deploying and operating your charging infrastructure. nets360 provides everything from a single source: hardware, connectivity, operations, and through our nets360 Core Network, IoT security at the highest level. Our lifecycle management ensures the longevity and efficiency of the IoT infrastructure. With nets360, you can fully focus on your core business, while we ensure a smooth, secure, and efficient IoT connection.


    Manufacturer-independent and cross-system

    Transparent security through own hardware

    Clear cost structure


    Easy to install

    End-to-end IoT solution

    Secure and reliable connectivity

    Including hardware, mobile connectivity and support

    Fully managed SLA up to 24/7/365

    No IT staff required

    Clear cost structure

    Service 100% made in Europe

    & Services


    Core product

    nets360 Extended Secure IoT Gateway

    Manufacturer-independent and cross-manufacturer

    Transparent security through own hardware

    Clear cost structure

    Preconfigured hardware, ready to use

    Additional products

    Additional Services


    Why nets360?

    nets360 fully managed end-to-end solution is infinitely customizable to fit your exact business needs – now and in the future.It’s an all-in-one solution including hardware, connectivity, security und operation, designed to guide your businesses through digitalization and automation.

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