Networks for Europe

nets360 offers visionary next-generation networks with high security and low latency for IoT, enterprises, and ISPs. We primarily leverage European infrastructure and partnerships to ensure exceptional quality and reliability.


360° IoT Solution

One-Stop-Shop Solution for IoT and OT Connectivity plus Cybersecurity:
Includes Virtual Patching, Advanced Threat Protection, and Direct-to-Cloud Connection

Always ON

With our Extended Connect Gateways for Internet backup, remote management or SD-WAN, you are always online. Available with 4G / 5G


Like no other IoT SIM

First IoT SIM with closed network approach. Of course with Virtual Patching, Advanced Threat Protection, and Direct-to-Cloud Connection



Managed SD-WAN reimagined. Whether regional, national, or across Europe, with Direct to Cloud or backup via 4G / 5G

Forget complexity

Reduce complexity at every stage of your project with our an all-in-one solutions. Stop wasting time dealing different agreements, komplex hardware, product support and security issues. With nets360 IoT Solutions, connecting your devices and infrastructure all over europe has never been easier. Say goodbye to multiple suppliers, contracts and negotiations.

IoT and OT connectivity and cybersecurity

Highly secure and reliable IoT solutions are provided, powered by industry-leading Fortinet technology. The portfolio includes state-of-the-art Teltonika Networks gateways and routers that meet rigorous industry standards, complemented by SIM cards operating within a secure, closed network and direct-to-cloud options, ensuring comprehensive connectivity solutions tailored to your needs.

Standard IoT SIM

Direct to Cloud IoT SIM

Extended Secure IoT SIM

Managed IoT Gateway
Simple IoT Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Direct to Cloud IoT Gateway
IoT Connectivity as a Service (IaaS)

Extended Secure IoT Gateway
IoT IaaS with advanced security

Management for Existing IoT Infrastructure

Enterprise Solutions

Specialization in delivering Managed SD-WAN and SASE solutions based on Fortinet technology ensures that customers benefit from a complete package including hardware, connectivity, security, and operations—all from a single source.

Our business division offers also Managed Connectivity Services featuring 4G/5G internet backup tailored for business clients.

Direct to Cloud SD-WAN

Extended Secure SD-WAN

Extended Secure SASE

Firewall as a Service (FWaaS)

4G / 5G Internet & Backup

Mobile Internet Access

Carrier and Provider Management

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