AWS IoT Core Certification

nets360 yellowBOX Receive AWS IoT Core Certification
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AWS IoT Core Certification

Expanding on the nets360 Press Release: nets360 yellowBOX Gateways and Routers Receive AWS IoT Core Certification

In a significant development that reinforces nets360’s commitment to providing cutting-edge IoT solutions, the company proudly announces that a substantial portion of their nets360 yellowBOX gateways and routers have achieved the highly esteemed AWS IoT Core Certification.

This achievement is a direct result of a successful partnership with Teltonika Networks, the renowned provider of the hardware foundation for nets360’s yellowBOX devices. Teltonika Networks has undertaken a rigorous certification process conducted by Amazon AWS, which has resulted in an impressive acceptance of 26 Teltonika Networks devices into the esteemed AWS IoT Core program. Notably, this includes the integral hardware base of the innovative yellowBOX series, a flagship product from nets360.

As a distinguished Tier-1 partner of Teltonika Networks, nets360 is excited to announce that it is now poised to offer a comprehensive range of managed service solutions intricately linked to AWS IoT Core. This strategic partnership empowers clients to procure not only premium hardware but also a suite of managed services that capitalize on the capabilities of AWS IoT Core.

Furthermore, nets360 is diligently working towards securing its own inclusion in the coveted AWS IoT Core Certification program. This ambitious endeavor reflects the company’s unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier IoT solutions and cementing its position as an industry leader.

With this achievement, nets360 presents an all-encompassing solution that spans across every aspect of the IoT landscape. From seamless infrastructure provisioning to efficient operational management and direct, streamlined connectivity to AWS IoT Core, clients can experience a comprehensive and unified ecosystem that optimizes their IoT endeavors.

Experience the future of IoT today by engaging with nets360’s comprehensive suite of services. Unlock unparalleled connectivity, efficiency, and innovation with nets360’s AWS IoT Core Certified devices and managed solutions. Dive into a realm where IoT possibilities are limitless – try nets360’s services now and embark on a journey of digital transformation that will shape the future of your business.

IoT and connectivity

Brought to life in spring 2023 with the idea for IoT managed services based on Teltoika Networks products, nets360 is becoming more and more a comprehensive provider for IoT and connectivity services across Europe.

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